Advisory Team

imageimageGood teachers disseminate information. Great coaches gather all the relevant data and determine what is necessary for a player to see results.

imageimageI firmly believe that building a team of professionals with whom you are able to consult is essential to being the most effective coach you can be. This is especially true if there are range of motion issues, physical limitations or injury to be considered.

It’s not about me and my ego – it’s about giving a player the best opportunity for success.


Jon Tattersall
The Terminus Club, Atlanta, GA
Motion Analysis

Tyler Ferrell
Owner, Golf Smart Academy
Biomechanical Analysis
La Rinconada CC, Los Gatos, CA

John Graham
Putting Specialist
SAM PuttLab certified
Rochester, NY

Ken MacDonald
Owner, Lifetime Performance
Masters Degree, Human Movement
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Chuck Wolf
Human Motion Associates, Orlando, FL
Fellow, The Grey Institute
Masters Degree, Science of Human Motion
3D Human Motion, Functional movement analysis, Physical Therapy

Justin Bruton
The Biltmore Resort, Miami, FL
3D Analysis

Vicky Wyder
The Bears Club, Jupiter, FL
TPI Certified (MP3)
Physical Therapist, certified Medical Trainer

David Orr
Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC
Putting Consultant, SAM PuttLab

Dr. Craig Davies
Core Golf Academy, Orlando, FL

Jon Sinclair
Owner, Sinclair’s Golf Training, Dallas, TX
3D Analysis, Motion Capture

Dr. Phil Cheetham
Owner, Sport Biomechanics, Chula Vista, CA
Olympic Training Centre
Motion analysis, AMM 3D motion analysis (creator of this system)

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, Ph.D. Sports Biomechanics
Department of Human Kinetics
St. Francis Xavier University
Nova Scotia, Canada

Dr. Neale Smith
Owner, Process Performance, Tuscan, CA
Sports Psychology, Mental coaching

David Donatucci, M.Ed., CSCS
General Manager Arise Center for Athletic Development
Jupiter, FL